Que faire à Saint Martin : les 7 meilleures activités

Located in the heart of the West Indies, St Martin is the ideal starting point to visit some of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. A cruise departing from Marigot (Port Louis), offers indeed a host of possibilities only a few hours away.

St Martin is a big island shared by France and the Netherlands. The border, which cuts the island in its half is symbolic since the inhabitants cross it several times a day. Legend has it that French and Dutch shared the island ... in the race. At the time of the division, each country would have designated its champion, the French going north and the Dutch along the south coast. The French, faster, would have traveled a greater distance, which explains that the French part is a little larger. The story is a bit more prosaic since this division is the result of negotiations between the two countries. The Dutch chose the south, more protected to the sea to build a port while the French favored the north coast to develop agriculture. On the East coast, the Oyster Pond marina was discussed because the dividing line was at its center and even ... on the pontoons. It is the court of The Hague who decided this imbroglio, in favor of France.

Saint Martin Map

Most tourists arrive from the Dutch side but often prefer the French coast, more wild.

The island of St Martin and its neighbors (St Barthelemy, Anguilla), share a common geology related to their volcanic past. Although they are not very similar, they have similarities. These are all islands almost without water tables. Freshwater is therefore more precious than elsewhere.

Soualiga and Oualichi

The island of St Martin has also retained its two Caribbean names. It is sometimes called Soualiga (Salt Island) or Oualichi (Island of Women).


1. Pinel Island

On the east coast, the island of Pinel is a haven of peace. The Nature Reserve has set up moorings to spend a few hours on land, or simply enjoy the white sand scenery. The access by the sea is a little tricky and is done by a pass between Green Cay and Pinel.

Those who come from the land will cross in a few minutes aboard a boat from Cul de Sac. The island is populated by iguanas and hermit crabs. At the edge of the water, you can have lunch at Karibuni which offers excellent fish tartares and the inevitable accras.

WE love :

- The white sand beach, the hermit crabs

- The Nature Reserve

Pinel Island

Pinel Island

2. The lolos at Grand Case

Less than an hour's drive from Marigot, Grand Case Beach is the perfect starting point. The anchorage is safe, well sheltered and the wide beach is beautiful. At nightfall, the district is a high place of life in St Martin. There are excellent fish restaurants but also the famous "lolos" that overlook the beach. It is the ideal place to enjoy a plate of ribs and enjoy the warm Creole atmosphere. The district is located on the French side but is above all a place of cultural mixing where everyone understands even if the languages ​​are multiple.

We like  :

- The Creole atmosphere, the ribs

Grand Case

3. Tintamarre

It is not calmer than this island of Tintamarre. His name is a fake friend and comes from the Spanish "tinta-mare", color of the sea. At some distance from St Martin, this desert islet seems straight out of an adventure book. The anchorage under the wind allows you to enjoy the huge white sand beach. Good swimmers may try to dive on the wreck located north and marked by a buoy. On land, it is better to take shoes (at least flip-flops) to visit the island. The airstrip that served after the war is just a memory but we still find the bush on a motor or a vintage carcass. To the north, a small abandoned farm reflects the breeding experience. We cross a few goats that have taken the path of freedom.


We like  :

- The pristine beach
- The atmosphere "treasure island"

4. A ride to Gustavia

St Martin's Island should not be summarized as an island of billionaires. Of course you can not miss the yachts in the small port of Gustavia or the luxury shops lined up in front of the captaincy, but St Barth is above all a quiet island, with multiple charms. Like St Martin, St Barth is a volcanic island with steep terrain. The roads are narrow and meander to viewpoints all more breathtaking than each other. Getting around by car (or taxi) is ideal but the island is also unveiled on foot. Near Gustavia, a short walk to Shell Beach (500 meters) allows you to enjoy this pearly sand made of tiny seashells. You can have a drink or lunch at the beach bar. A little further in the rocks, there is an underwater cave accessible to bathers in calm weather.

The grave Johnny has become a high place of pilgrimage. Fans around the world leave pebbles with a soft word to their idol's address. The tomb is surmounted by several guitars clad in flowers that the local florist takes care to replace before they fade. The place is full of respect and solemnity and leaves no one indifferent.

Johnny's grave

WE love :

- The panoramas

- Shops

- Shell Beach

- Small turtles


5. Anse Colombier

A perfect arch in the north of the island, Anse de Colombier is the best shelter on St Barth and one of the most spectacular anchorages. We cast anchor in translucent water and a few minutes are enough to see the majestic tortoiseshell come to breathe before plunging on the meadows. You can swim with them while keeping a respectful distance. The large white sand beach is ideal for laying a towel. The more athletic can climb the Petit Morne and see their efforts rewarded by the magnificent view of the translucent waters of Anse, the Villa Rockefeller and, further, on St Martin which is revealed on the horizon.

WE love :

- Tortoises with scales

- Translucent water, the beach

- The view from Le Petit Morne

Colombier Cove

6. Dog Island

The ferry between St Barth and Anguilla is the perfect time to test your fishing skills. Barracudas are the first to bite but must be returned to the water because they can be vectors of ciguareta, a dangerous toxin for humans. We therefore prefer bonito and their red flesh, delicious in ceviche.

North of Anguilla, Dog Island is worth a visit. It takes a license to anchor and disembark but it is also the assurance of a certain tranquility. The island is known for offering one of the widest palettes of blues offered by nature. A small reef near the beach is ideal for discovering local wildlife and hundreds of fish. The graceful sergeant-major evolves in a bench but one can also cross a slender line or a large barracuda that one will take care not to come to tickle.

Dog Island

7. An evening in Anguilla

What better way to end your stay than an evening at a beach bar? After anchoring between boaters and local fishermen in the Sandy Ground Bay, north of the island, we land on this large beach where the sand seems as fine as flour. Several establishments spread along this beach. Located at the north end, the Elvis Bar is a very nice place. You can enjoy all sorts of cocktails or, more simply, the famous Carib, this local beer. The atmosphere is relaxing with several games for fun with friends or family. One can try a local game that is close - far - to the pucks Breton. The rule is simple since it is enough to throw a bag of sand on a wooden board. The bartender does not pray to play a game but do not trust his rasta nonchalance,


WE love :

- The incredibly fine sand beach

- The Elvis Bar

- Sandy Island for a short stopover


And Irma in all this?

On September 7, 2017, Hurricane Irma crossed the West Indies with average winds of more than 300 km / h. This unheard-of storm caused considerable damage. In a year, important work has been done and most of the wrecks have been removed from the water even if it remains today, especially in some marinas difficult to access. The authorities are now doing everything possible to erase the traces of the storm. On the natural sites that we could visit, nature has fully recovered its rights.

And if I stay longer?

This cruise between St Martin, St Barth, Anguilla is perfect for a stay of 5 to 7 days or more for those wishing to enjoy an anchorage. If you stay 10 days or more, St. Martin may be an ideal starting point for sailing to the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  


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